Beautifully costumed in “Rio Carnivale” style with sparkles, feathers and headdresses, these Samba dancers are the real thing. A great way to invigorate an audience to introduce a meeting session or as entertainment during a dinner. Troupes from 4 dancers to as many as you desire. As well as doing numerous corporate events, wedding, and… Continue reading


iLuminateâ„¢ is an entertainment technology company that combines state-of-the-art technology with electrifying entertainers who perform in the dark using customized wireless lighting programs and LED costuming to create the ultimate performing arts experience. Since their exciting premier by winning 3rd. place on “America’s Got Talent”, iLuminate’s patent-pending technology has been used in numerous performances by… Continue reading


The Kozaks are North America's foremost professional Ukrainian Kozak (also known as Cossack) performing troupe. It’s a unique cabaret style dance performance rooted in traditional Ukrainian folk dance and history. The Kozaks’ high energy acrobatic kicks and jumps will thrill audiences familiar with Ukrainian Folk Dance and spellbind those who are seeing it for the… Continue reading


A dynamic performance by Latin Energy features the hot dance moves of several of the most exciting happy ballroom dancing styles from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico including the Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha, Samba, and Merengue. Their performances are renowned to be full of energy and elegance, with many fast and acrobatic movements such… Continue reading


The Hawaiian Pacific Magic (8 dancers) perform the folk dances of Hawaii and Tahiti in such a graceful fashion that everyone will forget about Winter. Clad in the most colourful and exotic costumes, studded with sea shells, polished nuts, flowers, and leaves, their dances pay tribute to the moon, stars, love, and the daily activities… Continue reading


These beautifully costumed Princesses tantalize and tease with their exotic belly dancing. This versatile dance group takes you on a journey from the mystery of the ancient temples of the Pharaohs to the grandeur of the royal palaces, and from the modern streets of Cairo and Alexandria, to the colour of the villages along the… Continue reading


Bollywood dance consists of various Indian and western dance forms, primarily inspired from the music of Bollywood (the Indian film industry). There is a strong influence from the world of classical Indian dance, but as it continues to gain exposure in the global market, Bollywood dance is also influenced by other dance forms such as… Continue reading


Ukrainian dance is an exciting art form appreciated by people from every nation. DESNA enthusiastically presents a unique repertoire of folk, classical, and character dance from various regions of Ukraine. The men exhibit the famous Cossack vigour through their energetic leaps and acrobatics, while the women gracefully display their agility with spins and graceful footwork.… Continue reading


For 16 years Dance Caribe Performing Company prsents a repertoire of dances embracing the cultural diversity of the Caribbean. These dances are presented in their traditional form as well as in contemprary and modern dance styless preserving the energy and rhapsody of Caribbean cultural aesthetics.The group has maintained a very active participation in multicultural and… Continue reading


This colourfully costumed troupe of 7 dancers and drummers take to the stage in a spirited ceremonial parade. What follows is an exciting display of dancing originating from the Dark Continent. Dancers compete against each other trying to outdo the others with dazzling moves and acrobatics. Caribbean Folk Performers is an Afro-Caribbean Performing Arts company… Continue reading