The Hawaiian Pacific Magic (8 dancers) perform the folk dances of Hawaii and Tahiti in such a graceful fashion that everyone will forget about Winter. Clad in the most colourful and exotic costumes, studded with sea shells, polished nuts, flowers, and leaves, their dances pay tribute to the moon, stars, love, and the daily activities of everyday life. Watch the hands – the hands tell the story. See if you can interpret what these dances are all about. Their repertoire is varied, representing the people of the South Pacific including the ancient Hawaiian Hula, the magical Poi dances of New Zealand, the exciting and pulsating Tahitian Otea, and the authentic dances of Samoa. This dynamic group has performed for the award-winning Waikiki Pavailin of Metro Toronto International Caravan, Carassauga in Mississauga and Carabram in Brampton, Toronto’s Skydome Opening Celebrations, National Arts Center of Ottawa and Montreal, International Folklore Festival in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Spain, The Canary Islands, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England and Walt Disney World, USA.