The Kozaks are North America’s foremost professional Ukrainian Kozak (also known as Cossack) performing troupe. It’s a unique cabaret style dance performance rooted in traditional Ukrainian folk dance and history. The Kozaks’ high energy acrobatic kicks and jumps will thrill audiences familiar with Ukrainian Folk Dance and spellbind those who are seeing it for the frst time. The Kozaks will take you on a journey back in time to the 1500’s – a time when the sword and spear were the weapons of choice. Our style of dance and competitive acrobatics exhibit the spirit and passion that The Kozaks displayed as national protectors of Ukraine. Their style of performance was honed from years of performing at the Ukrainian Caravan Restaurant Toronto, plus over 15 years of touring North America. The Kozak’s will thrill your audiences with an Interactive and engaging show. The audience will feel the energy and, in no time, be swept away in the music and excitement; tapping their feet, clapping their hands and cheering loudly. Musical accompanyment can be either CD or 2 or 3 musicians.