When you think of the Caribbean, you think of fantastic colors and incredible music with rhythms that touch your soul. When you see the band Neu Jenarashun, your thoughts shall be no different. Neu Jenarashun is a 13 member Caribbean band from Toronto quickly becoming one of the foremost names in soca – the party music of the Caribbean. They ve been the premier soca band in Canada for more than 5 years and have established themselves as a leading draw at most major Caribbean festivals and concerts in Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, the Cayman Islands and soon throughout the Caribbean. Annual performances include Toronto\’s Caribana Parade to 1 million masqueraders and on-lookers, the prestigious annual Toronto Book Festival in Queen\’s Park to an excess of 10,000 fans and the 3-day Toronto Street Fest. Add to that a performance for 9,000 fans at the Toronto Fall Fete in November 2004 sharing the bill with the likes of Rupee and Junior Kelly from Jamaica. The band has also appeared on the enormously popular Breakfast Television show (CITY-TV), Canada A.M., and Buffalo A.M. Channel 7. The distinctive sound of the band is highlighted by an \”Earth Wind & Fire\” like horn section revered for their energy and precision. The musicianship of the rhythm section and the most versatile frontline vocalists combine to make Neu Jenarashun a force of its own. The group’s unending repertoire includes Jazz, Salsa, Reggae and of course Soca & Calypso.