Ventriloquist Mark Crocker and his entourage (Grumpy Old Man, Elmer, Johnny Cool, and the Chimp) create one of the most enjoyable and flexible comedy presentations available in Canada today. It only takes a few minutes for the audience to forget about Mark and start talking directly to the dummies. Mark adjusts to any crowd, from a Children’s Festival, to a raunchy Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, to a conservative Corporate engagement. Mark Crocker recently captured the LEAD ROLE in a National Advertising campaign for Barq’s Root Beer (owned by Coke). Marks technical abilities won out over professional ventriloquists from across North America, being featured in all major Canadian markets, and scheduled for release in movie theaters. The ad, is now out on all Canadian stations, you will see one of his new characters “Johnny”, answering the door with a resounding, “WHATUP DAWG?!?!”, all dressed up in Hip Hop costume and full BLING BLING, (that’s jewelry for the NON hip hop crowd).