The chuckles begin as soon as he walks on stage. Dressed as a “Newfie” fisherman in his yellow sou’wester, checkered shirt, and black rubber boots, Jimmy picks up his guitar and the fun begins. His music and songs are tunes everybody knows….it’s foot stompin’, hand clappin’ stuff. Between songs it’s non-stop jokes. Hundreds of them! His down home humour delivered in his East coast accent leaves the audiences rolling in the aisles. He exudes an infectious spirit and enthusiasm that instantly bridges the gap between stage and audience, and has led many to call him “the Ambassador of Good Cheer”. Over the past five years, Jimmy Flynn has become a comedy powerhouse. He has produced over 400 radio shows, a 13 week TV series, 4 best selling comedy videos, 6 best selling comedy cassettes, and 2 joke books. Last year he performed 225 live shows. The bottom line: this guy is hilarious!