This is the choir from “The Blues Brothers 2000” movie where they backed up Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Sam Moore, Paul Shafer, and B.B. King, earning a Grammy nomination for the soundtrack . Another project, where Faith Chorale backed up The Chieftains and Van Morrison, won the Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Folk Song”, along with a nomination for “Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals”. Faith Chorale was the first Canadian gospel act to sign an international recording contract. This dynamic group also won the 1999 JUNO Award for “Best Gospel Album”.
If the inspiration lyrics and emotional voices of the 14 strong multi-cultural choir don’t make an impact on you, the thick funk, hip-hop, and Caribbean influences that juice up Faith Chorale’s jams surely will. Always an uplifting, positive experience! As choir director Sharon Riley explains “Our music is about hope and encouragement. Gospel music is so soothing, it’s a source of strength , and that’s what people who aren’t necessarily religious feel. You can’t leave one of our shows without being touched”.
For an corporate event with a multi-denominational audience, the lyrics sung will be of a motivational nature rather than religious. Costuming will also be urban hip (black pants/skirts with black shirts/blouses) rather than traditional choir gowns.