Ball in the House is a tour de force of vocal sound from Boston, Mass.that must be heard to be believed. Originally a quartet, this pop/R&B “mouth band” expanded to a 5 piece where a rhythm section materialized when one of the members began learning a complex series of vocal percussive beatbox sounds, becoming a “human drum machine” that continues to dumbfound audiences today. With a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before, Ball in th House is dedicated to bringing their distinctive style of Pop/R&B to as many people as they can reach. So far that’s been the Appollo Theatre in NYC, SUNFEST in West Palm Beach, and many opening spots for acts such as Cher, Jessica Simpson, Blondie, Smoky Robinson, The Temptations, and many others. The group performs 200 dates per year.They can even be heard on national TV and radio as the voice behind the Cool Whip dessert topping commercials. A review from the Boston Globe put it very succinctly – “Ball in the House has everything you would expect to find in a successful pop/rock group….the one thing it doesn’t have is instruments.”