George Clinton & Parliament – Funkadelic

For all the "FUNKSTERS"  Here is my story to commemorate the retirement tour of George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic. I grew up in the small town of Waterford, Ontario (population 2,400) starting my music career in High School as Social Convener of the Students’ Council. In the 1960’s most of the high schools had… Continue reading

Hype Up Da House 25 Year Anniversary

Victoria Day (2019) marked the 25th Anniversary of the Pharazon Dancers & Singers show Hype Up Da House which was produced by ESP Entertainment and performed at the Waterfall Theatre at Toronto's Ontario Place. The show took place at Ontario Place's West Island, and featured a stage that was hidden behind a waterfall and revealed… Continue reading

The Temptations ” The Missing Costume”

Recently I supplied entertainment for a $1,000,000 50th. Wedding Anniversary party at the Royal Ontaro Museum. It was a spectacular event!  There was lots of entertainment throughout the evening ending with a performance by the legendary Motown group The,Temptations. The client was a huge Temptations fan, and he specifically requested the singers wear their sparkly… Continue reading

Fallsview Casino Halloween Harvest

Once again ESP Entertainment collaborated with the creative team from Bash FX to create a unique and stunning visual performance for the Fallsview Casino Halloween Gala. Sean Frederick designed and choreographed the performance, working closely with Costume Designer Tara Weaver and lead Make-Up Artist Angelica Avendaño to create spectacular costumes and characters for the dancers,… Continue reading


With corporate parties so elevated by a sensational party theme, we’ve collected some of the top corporate party themes for 2016 to help inspire your event. Location Themes: - Paris - New Orleans - Arabian Nights, with vivid colors, belly dancers and a Moroccan tea bar - Wild West - Big Apple/NYC-themed Era Themes -… Continue reading


Deborah Cox, Former singer with the Pharazon Dance Company in the late 80's and early 90's, takes to the stage portraying Whitney Houston for the USA tour of the musical " The Body Guard". Deborah's first performance mainstage performance took place at Canada's Wonderland as the lead singer with the Pharazon Dance Company in 1988.… Continue reading


Long live Rock ’n Roll! It’s one thing to lose Prince, David Bowie and other rock icons, but it’s quite another thing to lose the founder of rock ’n roll, the man who started it all – Chuck Berry. A sad day indeed. I saw Chuck Berry perform several times, and once had the honour… Continue reading