Hype Up Da House 25 Year Anniversary

Victoria Day (2019) marked the 25th Anniversary of the Pharazon Dancers & Singers show Hype Up Da House which was produced by ESP Entertainment and performed at the Waterfall Theatre at Toronto’s Ontario Place. The show took place at Ontario Place’s West Island, and featured a stage that was hidden behind a waterfall and revealed when the waterfall was turned off. The Waterfall Theatre featured family entertainment and was part of a busy hub of restaurants, outdoor patios and galleries on the West Island.




Starting in 1994, Hype Up Da House ran for two seasons at the Waterfall Theatre from Victoria Day weekend in May to The End of June.

The first season had a loose “stay in school message” and was to be specifically directed at school age kids and pre-teens. However the show became popular with all ages.

Less that 3 weeks before the Waterfall Theatre season was to open, Elwood Saracuse was contacted by Ontario Place  and asked to provide programming for the theatre.

With a great deal of urgency, Producer Elwood Saracuse and  Director/Choreographer Sean Frederick quickly assembled a cast and crew. The cast included an established singer Yogi Rose, up and coming artists Jake Simon,  Rhonda Roberts, Graham Coffeng, and TV star Christopher Clemens of Catwalk. Dancers Melanie Boyko, Rasna Pitt, Kim Laramie and Laura Gough rounded out the cast.

Danny Colomby engineered, arranged and produced the soundtrack with Sean Frederick.

The soundtrack featured original versions of “Boom Shake The Room”, “Mr. Vain”, Janet Jackson’s”If”, “Da Lion Sleeps 2 Night” (Hype Mix), I’ll Be There (Jacksons) and “Whoomp There it Is (Vibe Mix)”.

Hype Up Da House ran for 2 Seasons.

HYPE UP DA HOUSE 95 ( Da Vibe)

Hype Up Da House 95 (Da Vibe) featured R&B recording artists Carlos Morgan, singers, Yogi Rose, Karen Andrews, Jake Simon, actor/dancer Chris Clements, Sean Frederick and Tara Mcdonald.

The Show was again produced by Elwood Saracuse with the soundtrack  produced by Derek Brin and Sean Frederick, featuring original versions of: “Do You Wanna Get Funky”, “The Way You Do The Things You Do”, “On Bended Knee”, “100% Pure Love”, “This How We Do It”, and a remix of “Live & Learn”.

In 1996 under the direction of Ontarion Place’s new administration,  programming budgets for the West Island were decreased. Many of the shows that previouly did well on the West Island were cancelled.

Unfortunately over the years Ontario Place has become an afterthought and what was once a thriving waterfront location at times, started looking like a deserted run-down set from a disater movie. Below is Hype Up Da House director/choreographer Sean Frederick standing in front of the old Waterfall Theatre, the moat paved over and the park grounds closed.

Hopefully plans to revitalize Ontario Place in the future will be successful. They need to “Hype Up Da House”!