This is the best group in North America for a high level corporate event. Based in San Diego, it includes a full group of 18 performers including 7 musicians, 5 vocalists, and 6 dancers who provide continuous live interactive music and dance entertainment. The show is structured to keep the attendees entertained and involved throughout the entire evening.
SHOWDANCE provides a party atmosphere unparalleled by other entertainment programs. You will experience a kaleidoscope of colourful costumes from the glamorous to the outrageous 60’s, the funky 70’s and on through to the most contemporary styles of the 90’s. The music is the ultimate in era revival. You might find yourself kicking up your heels to music from “A Chorus Line”, complete with top hat, or you may don dark sunglasses for a Blues Brothers number, or even sport maracas for a Latin cha-cha conga line. Get into the swing of things with a big band sound, join the band on stage with your own air guitar, jitterbug your way back to the 50’s, become a Motown background singer, or rock to the most current hits at the top of the charts.
Always in great demand, this band has played for parties hosted by Presidents Ford & Reagan, Burt Lancaster, Joan Collins, Richard Dreyfuss, Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg, & Marvin Hamlisch, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies.
Their program includes the following:
-a quartet of top jazz musicians to perform upbeat, background music during cocktails.
-full troupe onstage during dinner performing soft background music. The singers and dancers perform short entertainment vignettes between courses.
-exquisite male and female vocalists.
-Broadway quality male and female dancers.
-immaculately attired performers with numerous costume changes
-Continuous Live Musical Entertainment – no breaks
-high energy dance music depicting a variety of musical styles showcasing different musical eras starting with the 20’s through to the 90’s. Hits, and only hits, from Swing, to Rock ‘n Roll, to Motown, to Madonna.
-comedic, fun routines involving novelties to encourage dancing and audience participation.
-theatre sound system and stage lighting including sound engineer and lighting director.
-volume controlled throughout the evening.
Optional “STREETS OF THE CITY” production number
“Streets of the City” is a 25 minute full scale production immediately following dinner. This Las Vegas/ Broadway level performance is a themed medley of costumed and choreographed dancers, vocalists, and specialty entertainers featuring many styles of music and dance. This unique presentation is made complete with the added visual impact of today’s most sophisticated lighting and spectacular effects. Having received standing ovations at every performance throughout the country, this production number will leave your guests spellbound as they experience the pulsating, non-stop, musical collage of extraordinary entertainment that captures that wonderful feeling created by Singin’ & Dancin’ in the Street of Your City!