MICHAEL KAESHAMMER has been called Canada’s triple-threat combo of piano virtuosity, vocal ability and charisma. This potent combination has earned the Toronto-based artist international critical acclaim and a loyal and growing Canadian fan base.

Michael Kaeshammer’s performances are pure delight and his energy knows no bounds. He has piano technique to burn, and to the audience’s delight has an acrobatic way with a grand piano. When Kaeshammer performs, it’s obvious he’s having a ball, playing superlative boogie-woogie, blues, jazz, and pop cross-over material, drawn mostly from his impressive catalogue of studio recordings. A reviewer of last year’s performance at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival outside of Boston noted: “drawing on a rock solid knowledge of the early piano greats, Kaeshammer does more than play the way they did. He entertains with a capital “E” the way they did… he taps into a part of music that’s almost lost—connecting deeply with the audience on a gut level, so they are no longer just spectators in the music-making.” He is the ideal combination of intelligent, classy, talented and emotionally rich art and entertainment. Nightly, Kaeshammer has the crowd eating out of the palms of his hands and never does he leave with anything short of a standing ovation.