Here is an exciting act in the Cirque du Soleil style with the mythical costuming and ethereal musical accompaniment. Cirque-u-l’air is A2D2’s newest apparatus designed for locations that are not compatible to rigging requirements, and require quick setups or changeovers. This dazzling apparatus is spectacular giving flight to angels that are grounded. Continue reading


The Grand Prize winner in the “30 Minutes to Fame” TV competition, Christopher is the most sought-after visual variety performer in the world today and has been entertaining audiences around the world for almost two decades. With a unique blend of puppetry and dance, Christopher makes you believe you are watching five people dance. By… Continue reading


Acrobazia is an unbelievable physical performance, staged to an original music score, that defies the laws of human possibility. After several years with Cirque du Soleil, this Quebec City-based hand to hand balancing act now travels the world performing at corporate events, festivals, and on television specials. This handsome body builder acrobatic duo dazzles with… Continue reading