ALTER EGO is North America’s top party band. Why does ALTER EGO stand out? They’ve tailored their performances to dazzle today’s energetic and dynamic audience. They understand the vibe of today’s world – where quick, impactful moments matter. That’s why they bring a burst of high-energy medleys of Top 10 hits from the 70’s through to today.

But that’s not all!  ALTER EGO’s full-on choreography and a whirlwind of over 100 costume changes ensures that there’s always something spectacular happening on stage. For all our fans who love capturing memories, get your smartphones ready for some epic snapshots and videos! Let’s keep the energy high and the memories flowing.”

ALTER EGO tours the world performing at the most prestigious parties and events on Earth, and they can’t wait to energize your guests.

Because of wireless technology, the stage remains very clean and simple. The only thing on stage is an 8′ x 8′ drum kit riser. There are no guitar or bass cabinets, no monitors , and no cords on stage. Lots of room on stage for award shows.