Yellow Brick Road is a Las Vegas-based group of musicians who have taken Classic Rock music to new heights. Unlike most tribute bands, which generally pay tribute to one artist only, YBR takes on the entire classic rock/pop spectrum. With an emphasis on details and inflections, the band is able to mimic a wide variety of artists, with the correct sounds and voices needed to recreate some of the biggest acts in Classic Rock history-totally live! Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Queen, Rush, Journey…these are just a few of the bands YBR covers. Lead singer Brody Dolyniuk has the ability to change his voice and mannerisms from song to song, along with a touch of humor, while the band (Mark Cole, Todd Rogers, David St. John, and James Sloan) supplies all the right tones, solos and musical styles to help recreate the signature sound for each artist they cover. Since 1997, YBR has helped to create an emerging rock scene in Las Vegas, a city overrun with Top-40 lounge bands, mini-disc players, and Elvis impersonators. With their incredible sound, stage humor, and an ever-increasing songlist, they have become one of the most respected names in town, and have acquired a large following in Las Vegas and beyond.