The concept of The Three Waiters involves hoaxng as real waiters before eventually grouping to form three talented opera singers. It’s sophisticated entertainment, yet lots of fun by adding spontaneity, surprise, and comedy. Because of the vast repertoire and experience of the performers, the act can easily be customized to suit the event. After performing… Continue reading


Crowned MTV’s “Top Pop Group”, MOSAIC is a 6 man vocal band taking music to a whole new level - and in ways you might not expect. Merging style with state-of-the-art technology, MOSAIC will leave you scratching your head wondering where the "band" is. Why? MOSAIC uses no instruments. Every sound you hear is produced… Continue reading


This is the choir from “The Blues Brothers 2000” movie where they backed up Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Sam Moore, Paul Shafer, and B.B. King, earning a Grammy nomination for the soundtrack . Another project, where Faith Chorale backed up The Chieftains and Van Morrison, won the Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Folk… Continue reading


Created in 1968, the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus is the only permanent children’s opera chorus in Canada established as an independent organization. The CCOC is a training ground for children between 8 and 16 and the Chorus’s total compliment consists of 60 boys and girls. The CCOC appear in all Canadian Opera productions requiring children,… Continue reading