QUICK CHANGE – David & Dania

David and Dania have a visually stunning presentation as slick and sophistocated as James Bond with more tricks and deceptions than Dr. No. In business, it s all about change. Those who can quickly change to market demands will prosper. Yes, it s all about quick change. And what better way to illustrate this than to present the act that captured North America s imagination on the hit TV show America s Got Talent . David and Dania’s QUICK CHANGE absolutely mesmorized the huge audience of millions. Host Regis Philbin and celebrity judges actor David Hasselhoff and pop star Brandy literally sat there with their mouths agape. They couldn t believe it, and neither will your guests. This spectacular act truly does the impossible. Complete costume changes in the blink of an eye. An in-your-face display of what hard work, dedication, and creativity can achieve.


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