“That is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life”- Sara Poley (Dawn of the Dead 2004) Mysterion can do a stage show or dazzle your guests as a walk-around entertainer. Expect to witness the unexpected as Canada’s top rated mentalist demonstrates his extra sensory abilities. Even your most skeptical guests will be in awe as they’re drawn into and participate into a mind blowing psychic experience. Imagine watching metal objects contort to the will of the mind. ESP tests produce astounding results revealing mentally locked thoughts. Your guests will jump as they themselves are able to produce uncanny matching of symbols and numbers never before shown. Witness Mysterion’s famous triple blindfold test where he is able to duplicate a drawing never before discussed while under the shadow of darkness. Mysterion provides a polished professional show as performed by a consummate professional and versatile performer. Voted Toronto’s “Best Bet” By EYE magazine his show can be modified to fit your unique entertainment needs. Set up is simple, never requiring anything more then a microphone and a room of human minds.


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