Imagine all of your favourite artists performing on the same evening! Martin Dube will bring them all to life on stage. Martin’s unbelievable 5 octave range allows him to impersonate the voices of over 400 people from Frankie Vallee to Pavarotti. He has the dynamic stage presence to pull it off splendidly. Martin creates comedic situations around his impressions. Join him as he takes you on musical journeys through his “Broadway Hits’, “Country Medley”, and “Tribute to Disco” themes. His talent and good looks, plus his ability to perform in both English and French, are quickly catapulting Martin Dube to stardom. Martin is rapidly becoming the “entertainer of choice” on the Canadian and corporate scene. Actually, 75% of his bookings are now in the USA. It’s a show with something for everyone, and appealing to all ages.